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What Moves You?

Join us for personal training, small group fitness, and somatic programming in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood.


Why train?

You long to be part of a community where everyone chooses agency to  take control of their health. Training is empowering—it feels incredible to set personal records and feel strong and capable. And you believe your mind can change how you feel about your body.

Human Approach to Movement 


Personal Training

Strength Training,

Athletic Performance/Sport Specific Training,

Injury Prevention & Recovery,

Boxing Padwork


Small Group Training

Strength & Conditioning,

Circuit Training,

Mobility, Agility, Balance Training,

Performance + Sport Specific Training

Run + Walk Club


Whole body approach


Somatic programming

Body + Mind


Art Space

Rehearsal rentals for professional artists

Artist residencies

Cross pollination of movement ideas

Community-led Experiences

Looking to get to know us out of the studio?

Come run or walk with us at Roundhead Brewing Company!

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