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Founded in 2023...

Human Movement Lab provides high quality physical programming in the form of personal training and small group classes. 


What makes us unique?


 The Lab’s mission is to support ALL bodies, abilities, and occupations with training that supports each of us throughout our specific day to day—professional athlete to parent, 9-5 at a desk to laborer.


HML uses the fundamentals of strength, conditioning, mobility, agility, and balance to create high level programming that gets people excited to move and grow their physical quality of life.


No more boring repetitive workouts, we promise to challenge you in the best ways, and have fun doing it.



Additionally, Human Movement Lab serves to support movement artists and Boston’s arts space crisis by basing its operation in a space that’s crafted with professional dance in mind, and providing affordable rehearsal rentals and programming for performing artists, and both career and community dancers. 

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