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Small Group Fitness Training

Classes are generally 50 minutes long, and capped at 12 participants, ensuring you get hands on encouragement and help with form.

Programming is designed to push you to your limits, but modifications are always offered.


HML Strength & Conditioning

This 50-minute class starts with a body-friendly warm up before diving into HIIT style strength and conditioning, using all the Lab's toys to make strength training fun and NEVER boring. We always end with a stretch geared to what was worked in class.


Balance Agility Mobility (BAM)

Come work on the skills that keep us functioning and feeling good—mobility, agility, and balance.

This class will keep you on your toes and get you sweaty, while helping you improve your performance in sport, work, or home. 


Daytime Express Workout 

Get in, get out. This daytime class is an express 45-minutes max designed to get you working fast, and back out the door (though we hope you stay for cooldown). Cardio, strength, core, mobility... we fit a LOT in before sending you back to real life!

Coming Soon?

What would you like to see at the Lab? What class times are you most interested in?

Let us know!

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